ParameterDescriptionPlugin Version
Default start page

Choose which page you want to use as the default start page.


Page: m/view-page.action?spaceKey=ds&title=Title-of-the-page 
Space: m/view-space.action?spaceKey=ds

Site logoChoose to display a site logo in the mobile content header bar. Specify to use the Global site logo or upload a custom logo.3.0
Home IconSpecify an icon used by mobile devices when saved to the device dashboard.3.0
ParameterDescriptionPlugin Version

Allows you to add text to the footer of all pages. Wiki markup can be used in this text field. Please note that macros will not work in the footer.


When you are running Refined for Confluence the category structure and organization will be the navigation in the left side of the interface. If you are not running Refined Theme you can choose to have the default Confluence Label Space Categories.

Device redirection

ParameterDescriptionPlugin Version
Automatic redirectionChoose if mobile devices and iPads should be automatically redirected to the mobile interface.2.0
Link redirectionChoose if a redirection link should appear on top of all pages when using a mobile device or an iPad.2.0

Advanced settings 

Macro rendering

ParameterDescriptionPlugin Version
Render all macrosChoose if all macros should be rendered for mobile devices and iPads. NOTE: Render all macro will badly affect performance! The default behavior is: macros that we know work well with the Mobile Interface are rendered and other macros are replaced with a container with a button to render the page.2.1.1