RefinedWiki Mobile Interface comes bundled with a slim version of the Main Dashboard found in RefinedWiki Original Theme. This is a simple tool used to configure a dashboard used as a starting point for your Confluence instance. 

Editing your dashboard

In order to edit the Mobile Interface dashboard you must have administration rights. Go to Mobile Configuration > Dashboard tab. Make sure to save any changes you make.

You can view your results by pressing the View the mobile App button.

Moving content

In order to rearrange the items on your dashboard simply drag and drop the item in question to the desired position. Hit the Save-button when you are done. 

Adding a macro

The Mobile Interface dashboard is limited to only show suggested macros that we know work well with mobile devices. 

To add a macro to the dashboard, hover the dashboard item section and click add. This will bring up a dialogue with the suggested macros for this dashboard, with additional options to open an editor to add some text content. To insert a macro click on the desired macro, and configure the macro parameters as you desire. 

Adding custom content

Adding custom content such as a headline, image or welcome message is just as easy as adding a macro. Instead of selecting a macro, click the Add content button. You can now edit and add content in a similar way that you edit a page. When done, simply click the Done button.

Restore to a previous version

If you're unhappy with any changes made to the dashboard, just go back to using a previous version of the dashboard you can do this by clicking the Version History button. From here you can preview, restore to, and delete previous versions.

Using default settings and templates

The dashboard have a predefined default board that will be used if you haven't edited the dashboard. If you at any time want to reset the dashboard to its default setting press the Edit Dashboard button and then the revert cross found in the custom/template label found in the dashboard top menu (see picture below).


The following permissions are applied to the dashboard:

Everyone who is allowed to use Confluence can see the main dashboard. It can only be edited by Confluence Administrators.