RefinedWiki's Mobile Interface 3.0 introduces a whole new structure for organizing and configuring the looks and functionality of your mobile Confluence instance. RefinedWiki Mobile Interface is built with the use of Modules. Modules can be compared with macros in that they present a certain functionality and content for the user. There are a total of 7 modules available, divided into two panels; Navigation Panel & Component Panel.

Navigation panel

The navigation panel is the leftmost panel in the mobile interface and contains the navigation-oriented modules. You access this panel and it's modules by pressing the navigation tree icon in the top left.

Tree navigation

The tree navigation module lets you navigate the Confluence instance in an organized and structured fashion. If you in addition to Mobile Interface are using RefinedWiki Original Theme you get access to the full category navigation system. 

The navigation tree is context sensitive and will let you navigate to surrounding pages from your current page with ease. 

People directory

The people directory lets you browse and search for users in your instance. From here you can easily contact them by calling or emailing directly from your mobile device. 


The news module lets you quickly access all the Confluence news from anywhere in the mobile application. 

Component Panel

The component is accessible from either a menu icon in the top right corner or from a sidebar menu, depending on the device resolution. Here you'll find component modules with functionality relevant to your user.  


The notification or workbox module keeps track of your notifications and personal tasks. From here you can navigate to items you've received notifications on, or manage your personal tasks by editing, adding and deleting.


The favourite module keeps track of pages and spaces you've marked as your favourites. From here you can quickly select between pages and spaces and navigate to your favourite item.

Activity Stream

The activity stream module lets you access the activity stream from any page with just one click. Here you can browse the latest activities in the instance and filter on different types of content.


The profile module provides login/logout links as well as a quick way to navigate to your user profile. 


Module Configuration


The modules in RefinedWiki Mobile Interface can be edited from the plugin configuration page. Here you can change the order, visibility and permissions for each module. 

You change the order of the modules by dragging and dropping them within their corresponding panel. To change the permission of a module you simply edit the desired item and specify one of the following permissions:

  • Anonymous - Visible to everyone. If you haven't logged in you can still access this module.
  • Logged in users - All users that have logged in will see this module. 
  • Group - Specify which user groups whose members can view and use this module. 


Please note that even though a module might have a certain permission, the content will still respect permissions. For example the Activity Stream is available to anonymous users but content within the activity will only display items viewable by the current user.

You can disable a module entirely by changing the visible setting.