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RefinedWiki Mobile Interface 3.0 introduces a completely new UI which greatly enhances the Mobile experience of Confluence. This new version focuses even more on responsiveness and intuitive navigation, thus bridging the gap between Desktop and Mobile Confluence even more. Before upgrading, please review the Upgrade guide.

Responsive UI

Mobile Interface 3.0 works smoothly on both phones and tablets. The user interface will change depending on which type of device you are using with the purpose of maximising it's UI capabilities. You can also customise certain behaviour depending on device type.

Customisable Modules/Navigation

This new version of Mobile Interface comes with a number of different configureable modules located in side panels:

  • Tree Navigation
  • People directory
  • News
  • Workbox
  • Activity Stream
  • Favourites
  • User Profile


By configuring the permissions and order for each module, you can easily customise how and when modules are shown.


Customisable Dashboard

The new and responsive dashboard can easily be customised using drag and drop. On the dashboard, you can place any of our mobile friendly macros such as the activity stream or news macro.  It is also possible to add text or images to the dashboard. Depending on the width of your device, it will be rendered in one or two columns. 


The Dashboard Editor:

Theme editor

Customize the appearance of your Mobile Interface to your liking with the new Theme editor. With it you can easily select and configure each component that makes up the mobile interface theme. If you are using RefinedTheme Old you can import any theme or color variation already selected to match your mobile interface with your desktop Original Theme instance. 

Upload photos to comments & pages

Taking a photo and uploading it to a page or in a comment is now just a click away! This new feature allows for uploading of images from either the device's file system or taking a photo directly.

Customizable Home Icon

You can upload an icon of your choice to be presented on the home screen. 


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Bugs and feature requests

We greatly appreciate any feedback from customers testing this beta. If you find any bugs or think something could be done better we would love to hear it! Please create a ticket, upload a screenshot and tag it with version 3.0. 

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