New Navigation Panel Layout

With the new navigation panel layout, it's super easy to access your content such as news, users and questions really fast.

Confluence Questions Support

Ask, view and interact with questions through your mobile device. Please note: This feature is compatible with Confluence Questions 1.1.43 or later. 


Team Calendars Support

View your Upcoming Events list. 

Grid layout for small devices

We've introduced an icon grid layout for small devices to get a more usable side panel. 

Macro rendering

We've made a lot of new macros accessible through the mobile interface. 

Please read the Mobile macro rendering page for more information. 


Macro Rendering Rules BETA

The Macro Rendering Rules feature is in BETA mode.

Since the Mobile Interface runs as a one page app, rendering macros with full desktop resources is very complex. Therefore, we only render macros that we know works well in the Mobile Interface. 

With this feature you can decide how and which of the macros that should render by specifying rules with different render types:

Render Types:

  • Render body
    Render the body content of the macro. The macro itself will not be rendered.
  • Render body in box
    Render the body content of the macro in a box. The macro itself will not be rendered.
  • Render without resources
    Macro resources (JavaScript and CSS files) can not be included because the Mobile Interface is a one page app and most macros are not adjusted for mobile views. You should only use this option if you know that the macro works without resources.


For example: If you are using a content formatting macro which wraps around the content, then you could add a macro render rule which specify that the body content of this macro should be rendered. The macro formatting features will not be rendered, but the content itself will be rendered.

To configure Macro Render Rules, please go to: Config > Mobile Configuration > Macro Render Rules

Mentions and Linking to Comments

It is now possible to mention people using the same @-notation as you're used to with confluence. Providing permalinks to comments are also possible. 

Better Mobile Redirection

Automatic mobile redirection has been improved so that it now captures most tablets, instead of only the iPad as it was previously. 

Theme Import

It is now possible to import your colour scheme settings from Confluence into the Mobile Interface at the touch of a button.

Partial Space Layout Support

For RefinedWiki Original Theme users.

The mobile interface is now honouring the comment and like settings from your space layout. 


Bug fixes

RWMI-43 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RWMI-50 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RWMI-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RWMI-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS




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