Activity Stream

The Activity Stream-macro is used to show what is happening in Confluence. Use macro parameters to filter the content shown for category, space, authors and more. 

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Macro setup

Activity Stream

Macro key: rw-activity-stream (or: recently-updated-dashboard-category)

Macro body: None.

Promoted: No.

CQL-filter: Yes


Using the Activity Stream macro

To add the Activity Stream macro to a page

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the Activity Stream macro.

Use the Activity Stream Module for Site and Category homes.



TitleSet the title of the macro.
Max itemsSet the maximum number of items to be displayed. Default is 15 items.
Content typesFilter content by type. You can specify one or more types, separated by commas. Available types are: page, blogpost, space desc, attachment, comment, mail, user info.
AuthorsFilter updates by a list of usernames. Separate usernames with commas.
LabelsInclude only pages tagged with these labels. Separate labels with commas.
SpacesThis parameter allows you to filter content by space. You can specify one or more space keys, separated by a comma. Add @self for the current space key.
Category keyFilter the content by a category. Note that this is automatically done if the macro is placed on a category home.
CQLNote: This is an advanced option using Atlassian CQL. Defining a query here will ignore other filtering parameters. Default value is: lastmodified <= endOfYear() order by lastModified desc

Leverage the power of Layout placeholders

The parameters of the Activity Stream Macro works great with Layout Placeholders if the macro is placed on a dashboard or space layout.