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  1. Check if the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface is compatible with you Confluence instance.
  2. Make sure that your Confluence instance is fully backed up.
  3. Go to: Confluence admin > Manage Add-ons > RefinedWiki Mobile Interface. Click on the upgrade button. Or manually upload the plugin file.
  4. If you have specified a "Default start page" at the mobile configuration page, please follow these instructions.
  5. If you have customized the look and feel of your mobile interface you need to apply your customization with the new theme editor


Upgrade from version 3.0-beta1 and 3.0-beta2

If you have first installed 3.0-beta1 or 3.0-beta2. You need to manually change the name of the "mobileinterface" directory located in your CONFLUENCE_HOME directory to "rwmi". Images and icons are stored in this directory.