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The majority of macros in Confluence are developed for the desktop version. All macros can't be rendered with their full functionality in the mobile interface. 

We only render macros which we know behaves well in the mobile interface. We are continually working with adding support for new macros. Please contact us and let us know which macros you want to be compatible with the mobile rendering. 

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Try the new Macro Render Rules, BETA feature, to manage how your macros render in the mobile interface.

Rendered macros

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Please note that some macros have reduced functionality in the mobile interface.


RefinedWiki Original Theme

RefinedTheme macros:

RefinedWiki UI Toolkit

RefinedToolkit macros. 



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Please note: We don't officially support macros developed by other companies than RefinedWiki. However, we have put a lot of effort into making the following macros mobile ready.

Atlassian Macros:

  • expand
  • blog-posts
  • livesearch
  • recently-updated
  • recently-updated-dashboard
  • chart
  • panel 
  • search
  • favpages
  • loremipsum
  • rss
  • noformat
  • cheese
  • widget (only youtube & twitter)
  • children
  • toc
  • gallery
  • status
  • profile
  • excerpt
  • details
  • code
  • toc
  • warning
  • info
  • note
  • tip
  • anchor
  • attachments
  • viewdoc
  • viewpdf
  • viewppt
  • pagetree

Confluence Questions

  • questionslist-macro

Gliffy Macros

  • Gliffy Diagram

Balsamiq Macros

  • Mockup

Adaptavist Content Formating Macros

  • rollover
  • tm
  • thead
  • th
  • tbody
  • td
  • tr|
  • table
  • style
  • strike
  • span
  • sm
  • search-box
  • roundrect
  • reg-tm
  • privacy-policy
  • privacy-mark
  • lozenge
  • iframe
  • highlight
  • fancy-bullets
  • copyright
  • div
  • clickable
  • center
  • bgcolor
  • align



Non-rendered macros

Macros that aren't rendered are replaced by a "Render me box". 

When you click on the "Render this page" button. The whole page will render as the desktop version.

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Please note: we can't guarantee that all macros will be useable depending on your mobile device and screen size. 

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You can set the mobile interface to always render all macros. This will badly affect performance and it's not recommended. You find more information here.