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  • Added native render support for the Change History macro.
  • Fixed navigation for when clicking usernames in the notification section.
  • Fixed an encoding issue with custom stylesheets added through the Refined mobile admin UI.
  • The Users macro from Refined for Confluence now renders properly even if empty.
  • Fixed a broken version check in regards to the Table of Content macro making that not render properly.
  • Links to previous versions of a page now redirects properly to the current version. 
  • Avoids prompting login screen when checking favourites in a safari mobile browser. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Networks filter option on the Activity stream module would cause an error. 
  • Ensures Refined for Confluence categories are still expandable if they have content and if they have a custom url set. 
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation tree would indent wrongly on some Android chrome browsers.
  • Links inside Refined Toolkits UI Text Box macros are now rendered with an underline.