Refined Mobile is designed to make the user experience easy, and Confluence accessible from just about anywhere. Get Refined Mobile for Confluence up and running in these 5 steps to enjoy Confluence on-the-go:

Install Refined Mobile for Confluence Server in the Confluence administration section. There's a 30-day free trial if you want to test it out.

Set the theme.

Go to Mobile Configuration > Themes-tab to edit the theme for Refined Mobile.

Set the color of your choice, for instance your company branding colors.

Setup your Mobile Dashboard.

Go to Mobile Configuration > Dashboard. Click to add macros or content, and drag and drop to get them in the order you want.

Setup the footer in the Mobile Configuration main page.

Quickly check the modules that are to the right and left of the main screen, and hide and show the ones that are relevant to you.

Go to Mobile Configuration > Modules-tab. Click Edit to set the visibility of the Module.